As if it wasn’t bad enough that some of our games require an always-on connection, but it looks like rumors of the next-gen Xbox having an always-on requirement could turn out to be true after all. According to website VGLeaks, they seem to have obtained a set of screenshots which takes them through the Xbox “Durango” dev kit installation process, revealing the always-on requirement, along with the possibility that the next-gen Xbox might do away with the need for playing games from the disc, instead opting to install the game fully onto the console’s hard drive and reading it from there instead.

This seems to be in line with the rumors that the next-gen Xbox might not be so friendly with gamers who buy used games, especially since the always-on requirement will have an activation system that will “lock” the games purchased to a single account/console. Of course since these are only rumors, it’s hard to say if they’re real or if the screenshots are photoshopped, but what do you guys think? Do any of these rumors put you off from possibly purchasing Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console?

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