Adobe’s ex-CTO Kevin Lynch announced his resignation yesterday to join the ranks of Apple, which is kind of awkward considering the following clip he was featured in a spoof of Discover Channel’s, Mythbusters.


The “Mythhackers” video was created to be shown at Adobe’s developer conference in 2009, back when we guess Mythbusters was considered a popular show. In the video, Lynch and Mythbusters-like crew explain they were able to get Flash to work on a number of devices except for two: an old rotary phone and the iPhone. This of course was designated to be a jab at Apple, who has always tried to keep Flash out of its iOS devices, instead suggesting developers create HTML5 websites.

The video then has Lynch and the host of the show attempting to installed Flash onto the iPhone by way of a number of forceful measures. An iPhone and CD-ROM that contains the most recent version of Flash are blended together, electrocuted, blown up, and finally steamrolled. We’re not sure how exactly Lynch became an Apple employee after doing so much damage to the iPhone, but this just makes us hopeful we can get a job anywhere.

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