ASUS Rumored To Launch Intel Smartphone In June

When it comes to Intel-powered Android smartphones, there aren’t that many manufacturers yet. However according to a report from Digitimes, they claim that according to their sources from the upstream supply chain, ASUS has plans to launch an Intel-based Android smartphone in June, targeting the mainstream market segment with an Intel Atom Z2580 device. The phone is said to share some characteristics with Lenovo’s K900 and will sport a display ranging from 5-5.5”. Apart from that not much else is known about the device, how it looks like or what other specs it will feature. So far Intel’s efforts have been targeting the emerging market, such as India and Africa, versus developed markets which is already saturated by the competition from Qualcomm, NVIDIA and even Samsung with their Exynos chipsets. We’ll be filing this away in our rumor cabinet for now, but we’ll be keeping an eye out anyway so check back with us at a later date for additional info.

Read about Asus and Intel. Filed in Cellphones > Rumors. Seen at: digitimes

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