We poked and prodded the BlackBerry Z10 last month and we know many current BlackBerry owners, and those looking to defect from Android and iOS, have been waiting to hear when the device will be available in the US. If you’re an AT&T subscriber, you may have heard a rumor of the BlackBerry Z10 available on March 22nd. Well, it looks like that rumor is now fact as AT&T is announcing that very well is the date you can expect to pick up a BlackBerry Z10.

Both new and current AT&T subscribers who are interested in picking up a BlackBerry Z10 on March 22 can begin pre-ordering the device as early as tomorrow through a designated portal on AT&T’s site. The BlackBerry Z10’s price won’t stray from an amount mobile consumers are comfortable with as you’ll be able to pick a Z10 up for $199.99 when you sign a two-year agreement.

T-Mobile was able to launch the BlackBerry Z10 for its business customers today, so we guess they did get to release the device on their network before any other carriers, which they set out to do once the Z10 was announced. The only issue is the company has yet to make it available for its regular customers, which AT&T will certainly do next Friday. We don’t know who to give the official point to, but either way, we do know Verizon’s BlackBerry Z10 is still sitting on the sidelines.

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