Alcohol and driving do not mix, and they are always explosive when they go hand-in-hand, placing not only the driver’s life in danger, but also everyone else on the road. Over the years, there has been campaigns held to educate the general populace not to drink and drive, or at least travel with a designated driver or take the public transport (read: cab) once you are done partying. For those who absolutely need to know just how much they have drunk, how about an iPhone accessory to go along with your smartphone? Yes sir, this is where the Breathometer comes in handy, where it has already picked up approval from the folks over at the FDA.

The Breathometer works by plugging into the headphone jack of an Android or iOS-powered device, where it will give you a warning should your blood’s alcohol level exceeds the legal limit. It is nice to see the wonders of miniaturization at work here, as the Breathometer is small enough to fit onto a keychain without missing a beat, and there are also plans in the pipeline to allow users to hail a cab from the native app itself. It needs $25,000 to achieve its goal, and you can contribute from as little as $20 a pop.

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