Have you ever given a Neo Geo console a chance in the past, instead of burying your nose in the bitter fight between the SNES and the Sega Megadrive? Assuming you missed the chance to do so back when you were a kid (also, because you did not want to feel like an outcast among your mates as they talk about the latest SNES title while you mumble due to the far smaller games library on the Neo Geo), you have paid your dues at university and are now holding a cushy job, giving you the financial freedom to pamper yourself with some big boy’s toys.


Well, here’s your chance to see what Neo Geo is all about, as Analogue Interactive, a company that indulges in aesthetically pleasing and expensive Neo Geo hardware mods, has introduced a new service which will churn out custom, new CMVS Slims, and you have a range of domestic and exotic woods to choose from, where these have been dubbed Black Label. The consoles will have an opening price of $1,300, so imagine how much more you need to fork out for exotic wood!

The Black Label set (nothing to do with keep on walking here) will comprise of an Analogue CMVS Slim, a couple of analogue arcade sticks, brass Black Label tags and the necessary cables.

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