scale-lampNow here is a scale that is definitely worth checking out, and when you see it, you do ask yourself sometimes, how come no one has thought of it before? Designer Junji Kawabe’s Lamp Scale is a lighting fixture that functions not only as a scale, but also as a lamp, too! The brightness level of this bad boy depends on just how heavy of an object you place on top of it. In a nutshell, should the object be heavier, the brighter the lamp will shine. A gravity controlled lamp, if you will.

This special concept will basically enable users to control the amount of light based on the number of grams that are sitting on top of it. Through the subtle action of adding as well as removing weight, you will be able to find the perfect balance of brightness that you so desire with darkness all around. This is made possible thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism, and according to Kawabe, “Light, weightless thought it may be, “weight” of indirect matter and consequences always exist: resources and material, lives of people who extract them, by-products released to environment… with a lift, we feel the “weight” of light.”

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