toyota-meI am not quite sure about you, but does the Toyota Me.We concept 2013 that you see above somehow seem to remind you of a far more rugged and “fierce” model of the Mini from BMW, albeit sporting a more elongated chassis? The entire Toyota Me.We concept has to do with a collaboration between French designer Jean-Marie Massaud and the Japanese automotive giant, of course.

First unveiled at Le Rendez-vous Toyota in Paris, the Me.We Concept intends to have one imagine a ride which can be appreciated by owners regardless of the kind of lifestyle that they live, all the while paying close attention to the kind of environment that one lives in, doing the best at all times to ensure that there is a future planet for our children to live on. The Toyota Me.We concept is highly customizable thanks to removable body panels, and throwing in an extendable rear panel would see it function as a pickup, or you can turn it into a convertible with a neoprene roof panel. Do you think that the Me.We concept can take off if realized?

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