Fancy owning a mini Mini? Yes, you read that right – BMW has created tiny versions of the Mini whose primary function at the Olympics would be to hang out at the track and field events, where it will zip around to retrieve javelins, discuses, hammers and shots back from the field to the throwing area. This type of automation will definitely save a whole lot of time, unless you could clone Usain Bolt and have his clones running all over the place to pick up the fallen items. Basically, these specially developed Minis are more or less 25% the size of a full-sized car, where the athletic equipment it picks up will be carried within thanks to an adapted sunroof. Capable of toting up to 18 pounds of gear each, they can run for up to 35 minutes before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet.

There is the unmistakable Olympic livery complete with working headlights for that added dash of realism. Talk about a great way to merge branding alongside a practical purpose. It would be fun having one of these zip around the garden, don’t you think so? I suppose training Golden Retrievers and Labradors to get the job done might be cute, but we would not want to dare risk the grass as a pooping area for them pooches, not to mention having to wash all the slobber from the retrieved sporting equipment. [Press Release]

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