Apple’s Siri has always been a work in progress as she can keep up with many tasks we ask her to do, but at the same time she can certainly use some improvement when it comes to foreign languages or accents. It looks as though Apple agrees Siri could use some improvement, which is why they posted 12 new job listings specifically for their popular speech recognition software.

Apple is looking for a number of positions to work on Siri including software and operations engineers and an interaction designer. The software engineer position hints at Siri getting to know a lot more than she does already as they’re expected to “help build out new areas of expertise for Siri, expanding the product’s capabilities for millions of users.”

Siri’s interaction designer job listing also may have hinted at the service’s future as the candidate “will contribute to extending Siri’s capabilities, knowledge, and intelligence, helping invent new techniques for conversational interaction, and building practices, processes, and standards that will become a foundation for design and innovation far into the future.”

Hopefully whoever Apple decides would be a perfect fit for these positions will help take Siri beyond knowing movie show times and sports statistics.

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