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Last week Verizon Wireless, AT&T’s main rival in the country, announced that it had added 677,000 new subscribers in Q1, 2013 and that it sold roughly 7.2 million smartphones, out of which 4 million were iPhones. Today AT&T released its financial report for the previous quarter and revealed that it added 1.2 million new smartphone subscribers. It also reported adding 296,000 new postpaid customers on its network. Revenues are up 3.4% as compared to the Q1, 2012. Almost 72% of AT&T’s on contract subscribers are using smartphones, this translates in to around 48 million smartphone using subscribers in the U.S.

The network also mentioned in its Q1 2013 financial report that 14% of subscribers are now using its Mobile Share plans. The plans, launched in July 2012, allow users to add up to 10 devices under one monthly data allotment. This eliminates the need to sign up for a new plan if data is needed on a separate device. More than 15% of 10 million Mobile Share subscribers gave up their old grandfathered unlimited data plans to move over to these flexible ones. Last quarter’s wireless revenues stand at $16.7 billion, which as mentioned before, is an increase of 3.4%.

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