bbm-music-deadI guess you can say that the world of consumer electronics, for all its glittery lights and fanfare, is a brutal one, where the law of the jungle certainly applies here with survival of the fittest being played out every single day. Take BlackBerry as a smartphone platform for example, it has been around for a fair number of years, and once looked to have achieved an unassailable lead for itself in the market, but along came the great market disruptor known as the Apple iPhone, and it has been downhill for BlackBerry ever since, as they now claw it out with Microsoft for a distant third spot in the mobile operating system market. Well, another part of BlackBerry has just called it quits today, with BBM Music being approximately one and a half years old, will no longer be supported this June 2nd onwards.

Not only that, April will be the last month where users will be charged for it, so that leaves you with a couple of free months to enjoy up to 50 songs hand-picked from a larger selection in a playlist, in addition to listening in to your friends’ music. The thing is, that might not even happen, as from May onwards, tracks will appear greyed out, resulting in being unplayable while BBM contacts are refrained from using the app. BlackBerry decided to compensate BBM Music fans by recommending Rdio while giving users a voucher code for a 30-day pass.

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