facebookunlockwpIt was earlier today when we brought you word that the Facebook Windows Phone 8 app certainly has issues of its own that it is currently struggling with, where it affected users who ran version of the app, while those who were using the Windows Phone 7.x version of the app were exempt from such headaches. Well, we are pleased to say that the turnaround time taken to “fix” this particular issue has been rather quick, where a latest updated release has enabled it to fix a bug that users have been complaining about.

When you install the latest update, you should not suffer from any crashes to your device when it runs the Facebook app, and with this particular fix, hopefully there will be more positive comments left on the app’s page and also, subsequently, an increase in the app’s ratings. Perhaps comments such as “It is horrible. Please make a better app!”, “Crashes a lot more often since last update”, “I can’t like any pictures without it closing? Can’t unfriend or share anything”, “Not working for me anymore. When I click on a post it takes me back to my phone screen. I enjoyed it till now. Please fix problem”, and “Needs an update” will be a thing of the past.

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