fb-win8-brokenConsidering how Microsoft are the ones behind the official Facebook for the Windows Phone platform, this would mean official Facebook software developers are unable to keep track of it too well. Well, earlier this morning, the folks over at Facebook could very well have made modifications to unknown bits within the APIs which are used in the Windows Phone 8 Facebook app. Just how did we arrive at this particular conclusion? As the adage goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and it seems that the Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 tends to crash consistently whenever one makes an attempt to access either comments or notifications in their Facebook account.

In fact, reviews for the Facebook for Windows Phone 8 app have seen a flood of complaints concerning the app and its tendency to proverbially go down in flames, and since there has been no recent updates introduced to the app itself, it goes without saying that in all probability, the issues lies in the back end side of things. Word has it that only the Windows Phone 8 Facebook app version is affected, as users of the Windows Phone 7.x version runs fine and dandy.

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