foxconn-suicideFoxconn is a company that has been mired in controversy in the past, where workers there must have had enough of their lot that they decided to end their lives at the place of their work, including jumping off the facility building. Well, this has led the company to install huge nets so that these nets would be able to prevent employees who jump to end their lives ending up as one big blot on the floor. We did hear that Foxconn has made an attempt to improve the workers’ wages in an effort to keep them happy, but the latest rumor around Foxconn is particularly surprising, should it turn out to be true.

27-year old ex-employee who goes by the moniker Zhang claims that he takes sleeping pills to help him sleep because of insomnia, but a co-worker has already reported him as have the possibility of being suicidal to the management, resulting in Zhang being dropped from work due to the excuse of “disrupting order.” What is that all about? Anyone else willing to verify that this happened? It sounds fishy, but weirder things have happened in the past.

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