htcnokiaAs the saying goes, there are two sides to a story, or that a coin has two faces. While we have heard on how Nokia managed to win a preliminary injunction against HTC in the Netherlands only to have that decision rescinded afterwards, how about getting a word or two in from the folks over at HTC themselves? That is the very least that they deserve, don’t you think so? Hence, it is good to know that HTC has come up with a formal statement concerning the litigation brought against one of its suppliers, STMicroelectronics, by Nokia.

HTC claims that this particular lawsuit was filed solely against STMicroelectronics, and it had nothing to do with HTC at all. Apart from that, HTC claims that Nokia has not managed to obtain an injunction against HTC in the Netherlands, and neither has the Finnish smartphone company done so in any other country, too. The judgment which was written against STMicroelectronics stated that HTC is able to use the microphones in question as they were purchased from STMicroelectronics in good faith. HTC, however, will have to find another microphone manufacturer once their supply of STMicroelectronics microphones run dry.

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