htconebanliftA couple of days ago, we did bring you some news on a preliminary injunction being awarded to Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia against Taiwan-based HTC for the use of a microphone in the HTC One which was meant for exclusive use on Nokia smartphones only, and late yesterday evening, additional developments concerning the situation pointed to the microphone’s manufacturer claiming to understand the deal they had with Nokia differently from what was penned and inked. Well, the long arm of the law is also rather swift in this case, as The Hague ruled today that HTC was not to be blamed, and would now allow the HTC One to be sold in Holland once again.

The Hague did rule that HTC did not have any way of checking out the details of what was arranged by Nokia and ST Microelectronics, where the latter are the ones manufacturing the microphone, so the sole weight of the blame has shifted to ST Microelectronics. HTC would still need to scramble their contacts list and look out for an alternative supplier for microphones so that their future HTC One devices would, well, have a microphone to begin with.

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