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HTC Rezound Update On Its Way

htc rezound updateThe HTC Rezound, a smartphone which made its appearance on the market approximately a year and half ago, has pretty much remained a low key device, even more so since the Droid DNA appeared over via Verizon Wireless. Well, just like how you cannot keep a good man down, so too, one is unable to keep a good smartphone down. Sorta, anyways. The HTC Rezound is back under the spotlight courtesy of a recently released update, where the update would bump up the version to 4.05.605.14 710RD, which is not on par with a Jelly Bean upgrade, but still, Verizon has thrown in its fair share of noticeable improvements.

The most impressive of the lot would most probably be the inclusion of global roaming support, which means this would allow the HTC Rezound to be able to access voice and data service in more than 205 countries worldwide. There are also additional goodies for those who are more or less grounded all the time where they live, which would include improved device stability and data connectivity. The entire update weighs a whopping 207.1MB update, so you might want to make sure your HTC Rezound has adequate space left – and juice, too, to get the update installed prim and proper. Here is the official improvement list, from Verizon:

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