ipad-bumperIt is not everyday that you hear of a normally fragile device actually surviving a rather improbably situation, and for today’s candidate, we have the iPad from Apple that takes top spot in making it through an accident and lived to tell the tale. As you can see in the image above, apparently an accident of freakish proportions saw the Apple iPad remain embedded nice and deep in a car bumper, so much so that a hammer was required to remove it.

How did the iPad get stuck in a bumper in the first place? Well, it seemed that the iPad actually flew off the moving car’s roof before it hit the bumper of a nearby vehicle at the right angle and velocity to plant itself within firmly, just like how barnacles like to cling to the side of a ship. Considering how the iPad remained to work after the other car’s owner arrived home, she managed to contact the tablet’s rightful owner for a happy reunion. Definitely one of the more heart warming stories to tide us through mid-week.

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