jawbone-eraWhat does $110 million get you these days? Of course, you will end up with plenty of fast cars, large mansions, and for a company like Jawbone, it would mean acquiring another entity known as BodyMedia for that particular amount of dough. Just in case Jawbone sounds familiar to you, that is because they are the developer of Bluetooth headsets in addition to other kinds of wearable technology. Having picked up BodyMedia, a fitness monitoring company that is based in Pittsburgh for a reported $110 million, this acquisition clearly shows that Jawbone wants to force their way into the health and wellness arena.

BodyMedia is a company that was founded more than 15 years ago, and proved to be one of the very first companies to work on wearable body monitors which will help gauge physiological data, narrowing down on fitness. All data will be captured using its 24/7 on-body monitors, and it has been used by consumers as well as care providers to monitor behavioral changes in addition to weight control and the promotion of an active lifestyle. Jawbone’s acquisition would see them pick up BodyMedia’s 87 patents, which might come in handy in the long run. It would be interesting to see what else Jawbone will come up with sometime down the road.

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