UP2 features lightweight thin straps and is the ultimate fashion accessory (PRNewsFoto/Jawbone)

For a while in the fitness tracking world, pretty much two companies were at the forefront battling it out with each other: Jawbone and Fitbit, although admittedly in recent times Fitbit has managed to pull ahead of the competition. In fact earlier this year we reported that Jawbone could be considering giving up on consumer devices.

However it seems that in the process, there have been several complaints by Jawbone owners that not only is Jawbone apparently ditching consumer devices, but they are ditching and abandoning their customers as well, although a report from the BBC has since quoted a spokesman as denying those claims.

It has been noted that the company’s social media accounts have not been updated for several weeks. Customers have also been claiming that their emails are going unanswered, and in the UK, customers are greeted by a recorded message telling them that customer service is not currently available in the UK or the EU, all of which seems to point towards Jawbone abandoning their customers.

However like we said, Jawbone has refuted those claims and the spokesman has told the BBC that customer service is expected to resume in the next few days, and that the company was in a process of transition, although we’re not sure exactly what that means. In any case it has been a while since we last saw Jawbone release a new product, so it will be interesting to see what this transition will mean for the company and its future.

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