Jawbone Is Dead, Almost

Jawbone, the company that you might know for its health-tracking wearable device, is apparently going out of business. According to a new report, Jawbone has entered into liquidation proceedings. The company’s co-founder and CEO Hosain Rahman has reportedly launched a new startup called Jawbone Health Hub.

Jawbone Denies That They Are ‘Abandoning’ Their Customers

For a while in the fitness tracking world, pretty much two companies were at the forefront battling it out with each other: Jawbone and Fitbit, although admittedly in recent times Fitbit has managed to pull ahead of the competition. In fact earlier this year we reported that Jawbone could be considering giving up on consumer devices.

Jawbone Reportedly Giving Up On Consumer Devices

Jawbone has been trying to compete in the wearable device market for several years now but recent reports have suggested that the company is trying to pivot in a major way. It was rumored last year that Jawbone was soon going to stop the production of all of its consumer fitness wearable devices. According to a new report, Jawbone is close to announcing a full move away from consumer wearable […]

Fitbit Reportedly Tried To Acquire Jawbone

Wearable device company Fitbit recently went on a shopping spree, picking up Pebble and another smartwatch startup. According to a new report, the company may have actually tried acquiring one of its biggest rivals. The report claims that Fitbit tried to acquire Jawbone, the struggling wearable device.


Fitbit Drops Their Lawsuit Against Jawbone

In the fitness wearables scene, two companies probably come to mind when you think of health trackers: Fitbit and Jawbone. While the latter clearly does not have Fitbit’s market share, Jawbone used to be pretty synonymous with health trackers as well. With their fierce rivalry, it was not surprising that a lawsuit between both companies was filed.

ITC Judge Rules Fitbit Did Not Steal Jawbone’s Trade Secrets

Prior to smartwatches becoming so popular, Fitbit and Jawbone were some of the more prominent brands around when it came to wearables, although from what we can tell, Fitbit has clearly pulled ahead of the competition since. That being said, Jawbone is probably one of Fitbit’s more close competitors, which is why it wasn’t surprising to learn that Jawbone had sued Fitbit over alleged theft of its trade secrets.

Jawbone Says Xiaomi Copied Its Design

Now this is a familiar headline. Xiaomi has long been accused of copying designs by a variety of companies. It’s not called the “Apple of China” for nothing. This time around it is Jawbone that’s accusing the company of copying one of its designs. Xiaomi has obviously never agreed that it copies rivals’ designs and should it care to respond to Jawbone’s accusations, it’s likely to stick to the same […]

Jawbone Denies They Are Exiting The Fitness Tracker Market

Last week it was reported that Jawbone had stopped production of their UP fitness trackers, and that all remaining inventory had been sold off to third-party companies. With such a drastic move, it was easy to assume that this meant that Jawbone was planning to exit the fitness tracker market, and given the stiff competition from the likes of Xiaomi and Fitbit, it wasn’t hard to imagine.

Jawbone Reportedly Stops Production Of Their UP Fitness Trackers

In the early days of fitness-related wearables, both Jawbone and Fitbit were competing head-to-head, but over time Fitbit pulled ahead leaving Jawbone behind. There have been reports that Jawbone isn’t doing so well, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that they might have decided to stop production of their UP trackers.

Jawbone Unveils Redesigned UP2 & New Colors For UP3

Earlier this year Jawbone launched both the UP2 and the UP3 fitness trackers. Now in case you weren’t particularly taken with the design of the UP2 or the colors offered for either wearable, you’re in luck. Jawbone has recently announced that they have released a new design for the UP2 wearable, as well as new color options for both the UP2 and UP3 fitness trackers.According to Jawbone, the UP2 will […]

Jawbone Up3 And Up4 Finally Track Heart Rate

It has been close to a year since Jawbone’s new Up bands were announced, the release was delayed for some time and they were released only four months back. The bands do feature a heart rate sensor but they didn’t allow heart rate tracking periodically, users would only get resting heart rate and that too once every morning. Jawbone has released new features so now the Up3 and Up4 bands are […]

Jawbone Hits Fitbit With A Second Lawsuit

A couple of weeks ago, fitness wearable maker Jawbone filed a lawsuit against Fitbit, claiming that not only did they poach employees from Jawbone, but that these poachings were deliberate and that they were done with the intention to steal sensitive information about the company, because apparently some of the Jawbone employees who left for Fitbit took some sensitive documents along with them.That being said it looks like that was […]

Jawbone’s UP Fitness Trackers Return To The Apple Store

Earlier this year for some reason or the other, Apple decided to remove several wearables from its store. This include the Nike FuelBand and some of Jawbone’s UP fitness trackers. It had been assumed at that time that it might have something to do with the Apple Watch launch, but for whatever reason it seems that some of the products have returned.This is according to a presentation held in Japan […]

Huawei’s TalkBand B2 Tracker Now Works With Jawbone’s Up Platform

Earlier this year during MWC 2015, Huawei unveiled their own fitness tracker in the form of the TalkBand B2, the successor to last year’s B1. The tracker itself is quite interesting as it is essentially a Bluetooth headset that docks into a cradle that can be worn on the wrist, thus turning it into a fitness tracker.It also came with a monochrome touchscreen display that would show wearers their activity […]