One of the features of Apple’s AirPods Pro is its active noise cancellation feature. However, it seems that Apple could have potentially infringed upon the tech used for the AirPods Pro, or so Jawbone is claiming in a lawsuit that they have filed against the Cupertino company.

For those unfamiliar or who are wondering why the name sounds so familiar, it is because Jawbone was one of the companies from a few years ago that competed in the same wearables space as other companies like Fitbit. The company has since gone bankrupt and we thought we’d never hear from them again, until now.

According to the lawsuit, it points out eight different patents that they own that are related to limiting background noise. Apparently Jawbone had offered companies like Apple and Google a chance to buy the patents, but was denied. It is unclear who might be behind the lawsuit since we imagine that most of the people behind the company have since moved on.

The report from Bloomberg points out that Jawbone is now headquartered in Waco, Texas in a small office building that does not have a phone number attached to it. Apple has yet to respond to the lawsuit so it is unclear what they plan to do about it, but we imagine that they’ll probably challenge it.

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