awsIn the highly competitive arena of cloud services, software giant Microsoft has slashed prices for both hosting and processing customers’ online data, and this move can be seen to be an aggressive challenge to Inc’s current lead in the expanding business of ‘cloud’ computing. In fact, Microsoft was so bold as to say that they will match Amazon’s prices in order to pick up more than just a slice of the growing market, including the more common online data services.

This has been seen by some to be the most aggressive move in the market arena done by Microsoft to date, where they do seem to keep their fingers crossed that its Windows Azure business is capable of winning the hearts and minds of customers from Amazon Web Services (AWS), where AWS actually paved the way in renting out technology resources including computing power and storage. AWS has been projected to generate approximately $20 billion before 2020, and it would be interesting to see how Microsoft’s latest move will upset the apple cart – if ever.

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