Microsoft has come up with an interesting way to promote Office 365. It has partnered with Forbes to install Wi-Fi routers inside its magazines, which Microsoft has confirmed have been sent to a “limited number of technology and business professionals”. The router is part of a custom 4 page insert in Forbes magazine’s May 6, 2013 issue. T-Mobile is providing internet connectivity, which can be freely used for 15 days.

This method of promotion is different from conventional ways such as pasting ads on buses, park benches, subways or running ads on TV. Come to think of it, who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi? Even though every Forbes magazine buyer won’t be getting 15 days of free Wi-Fi, most of them will read about this unique campaign online, and this helps Microsoft in getting the word out about Office 365. Up to five devices can connect to the router in this 4 page insert, allowing you to share the free internet. People who receive this special issue are advised to first recharge the router, which is capable of lasting up to three hours on a single charge. What do you think about this method of promotion, isn’t it cool?

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