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Microsoft Backtracks On Plan On Forcing Office 365 Users To Use Bing
Whenever you buy a product, companies typically encourage users to buy into their ecosystem. This is why it didn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft would be forcing users who use the Office 365 installer to use Bing, where it would install a Chrome extension that essentially changes the default search engine to Bing.

Adobe Brings Enhanced Document Cloud Integration With Office 365
Adobe has announced that the integration of Document Cloud with Microsoft Office 365 has been improved. This will enable Office 365 users to create, edit, view, and secure PDFs through Office 365 online. They will be able to do perform all of these tasks from the toolbar in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

LinkedIn Integration With Word Makes Writing A Resume Easy
When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion last year, it said that it’s going to integrated the professional social network with its Office applications. Since then, the company has released a new Windows 10 app for LinkedIn. Today, Microsoft has announced that it’s integrating LinkedIn with Microsoft Word. The integration will make it easier for users to write a resume.

Amazon Alexa Will Now Support Office 365 Calendar
It was recently reported that Amazon’s Alexa would be able to support the Outlook Calendar, but if you’re looking for something to use at work or the enterprise, you might be interested to learn that according to a report from TechCrunch, Amazon’s Alexa will now support Office 365 calendars.


Microsoft Announces Project Management App ‘Planner’
If you are on multiple projects or just a huge project, being able to track it and keep a record of its progress is vital if you’re hoping to stay on top of things. Now there are a variety of project management apps out there, but if you’re an Office 365 user, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has announced Planner.

Office 365 Deal For Lumia 950/950 XL Owners Expanded
Last month Microsoft announced a promotion for customers who purchased either the Lumia 950 or the Lumia 950 XL, in which these customers would be entitled to a free one year subscription to Office 365. However the offer was limited to countries such as U.S., UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Lumia 950, 950 XL Owners To Get 1 Year Free Office 365 Subscription
If you are eyeing the Lumia 950 or the Lumia 950 XL, or if you already own either (or maybe even both) devices, you might be pleased to learn that Microsoft has announced that they will be giving you guys a free year’s subscription to their Office 365 Personal suite of productivity apps.

Evernote, Uber And PayPal Add-Ins Arrive For Outlook
Not too long ago Microsoft showed off a preview of the new that brings some powerful features such as a refined inbox, multiple new ways to collaborate as well as support for partner add-ins. Partners can use this feature to bring their own services within Outlook, the latest partners to join the list include Evernote, Boomerang Uber and PayPal. Aside from announcing these new partners Microsoft says that it’s also expanding […]

Lumia 640 And Lumia 735’s Free Office 365 Offer Ends In The US Tomorrow
With the launch of Windows 10 by Microsoft recently, there has been quite a fair bit of news concerning the operating system, in addition to the wisdom of Wi-Fi Sense being debated among users and security experts, too. Well, the mobile platform is not exempt from Windows 10 fever, but right now we will concentrate on the fact that the offer of free Office 365 will end in the US […]

Microsoft To Integrate Cortana Into Office 365 For Businesses
While Cortana did start off as a voice assistant feature for Windows Phone handsets that was meant to compete against the likes of Siri and Google Now, it has morphed since its launch and it seems that Microsoft wants to put it in pretty much every product. Now we know that Cortana will be arriving on the Xbox One, Windows 10, and now it looks like Office 365 as well!This […] Gets A Major Revamp With A New Look And Features
Microsoft today announced a major revamp for that brings a new look and feel as well as new features. There’s a refined inbox, new ways to collaborate, an upgraded calendar and much more included in this revamp. Microsoft is rolling out the update in Preview today albeit only to a small group of users. The company has announced this update as it starts work on migrating over to […]

Microsoft Reportedly Replacing With Office 365
Microsoft might be thinking about replacing the technology and user interface of with Office 365 if a new report is to be believed. Apparently the company will be migrating all users to Office 365 at some point later this year. Office 365 brings other services as well which include Outlook Web Access.

LibreOffice Online Is An Open Source Alternative To Office 365 And Google Docs
If you’re not satisfied with proprietary online productivity solutions like Office 365 and Google Docs there is now an alternative. The Document Foundation has revealed today that it will soon be releasing a new product called LibreOffice Online. As the name suggests this is going to be an open source online productivity suite. Think of LibreOffice Online simply as a competitor of Google Docs and Office 365.

Free Office 365 Access Given To Students In New York City Public Schools
Recently Google revealed that one of their goals is to nab 80% of Microsoft’s Office market share, which we have to admit is a rather ambitious goal especially when you consider just how many people, both in the enterprise and consumer sector rely on Microsoft Office for work, school, and personal use.However it seems that Microsoft will not be taking this lying down as they have recently announced that 1.1 […]