xbox-display-patentThe touchscreen display that we see in mobile devices these days have been taken for granted, so much so that many of us have forgotten about the days when we used actual physical buttons to control games on our handsets back then. Well, Microsoft has filed a patent not too long ago that has plenty to do with touch, where it boasts of a potential graphical user interface for input purposes which can be displayed on a touch-based device. Those who have had experience with an Xbox console in the past will surely be able to identify just where this particular patent hailed from.

It is somewhat akin to an Xbox 360 controller that has been split it in half, before being endowed with a touch capable display and, voila! The final result would be more or less what you see in the image above. Perhaps this patent reveal would show just what kind of plans that Microsoft has in store for the masses when it comes to the next generation Xbox as well as gaming on the Windows 8 platform, and we cannot wait until E3 that is happening later this June. Are you stoked yet?

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