motor-130411Word on the street has it that Apple is planning to release a low-cost iPhone which could help address demand from emerging markets, as well as cover a wider base of customers who might not be able to afford Apple’s regular iPhone. So far we’ve heard rumors of how it would feature a plastic body, but so far we have yet to see any components that belong to the alleged device, at least until now. The folks at iLab Factory have managed to get their hands on what they claim belongs to an unreleased iPhone model. The component is that of the vibration mechanism which features a dual-head vibration mechanism versus the single-head rotational motor found in the iPhone 5.

It has been speculated that this dual-head design could belong to the rumored low-cost iPhone, although we’re not sure why that might be so. It has been suggested that perhaps due to the dual-head design taking up more space, it could be fit into a thicker body, presumably that of the low-cost iPhone which we guess will focus more on its low-cost rather than “luxurious” features such as thinness and build quality. Take this with a grain of salt for now as the component could be just about for anything, prototype designs for example.

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