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Purported iPhone 5S SIM Tray Suggests Gold And Gray Color Options [Rumor]

ip5s sim02With the launch of the latest iPod touch, there have been rumors suggesting that the next-gen iPhone could also come in a multitude of color options as well. We’re not sure if having color options will make or break a customer’s decision, especially since the iPhone is an incredibly popular device to begin with, but who knows, right? In any case thanks to a photo of a purported iPhone 5S leaked component, it seems that at the very least we can expect the iPhone 5S to come in additional gold or gray finishes.

The photo above is that of the SIM card tray slot which shows it off in two new colors that aren’t black or white. Of course it is entirely possible that the photo is a fake, or that the components could be real but could have been for a prototype model or for a completely different device. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Anyone feeling the love for a gold/gray iPhone 5S? We can’t say that we do!

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