nxtgen-xbox-gamesWord on the street has it that there will be a quartet of launch titles to accompany Microsoft’s upcoming next generation Xbox console, where they will include Forza and Crytek’s Ryse. Of course, this particular rumor comes hot off the heels on the upcoming Xbox’s TV functionality, and it seems that the source which provided such information claimed that Microsoft has lined up four “major” launch titles, where a new Forza racing game will definitely be on the plate, and we certainly will not expect anything less than state of the art graphics, a zombie title (these tend to be always popular, as zombies never seem to go out of vogue), a family game that is based on an island while sporting next-gen Kinect functionality, and of course, Crytek’s Ryse.

Ryse happens to be an FPS hack and slash title, where you will be a Roman warrior (not a gladiator, mind you), so expect your arms to get plenty of workout along the way, not to mention little ones in the house having to shield their eyes from what we presume would be a ton of bloodshed and violence. It all seems to be eye candy more than anything else. Your take?

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