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Report: Windows 8 Market Share Now at 3.17%

Windows 8 Feb MarketshareWindows 8 is Microsoft’s latest operating system not just for desktops, but for laptops, tablets and hybrid devices that are sort of like a laptop + tablet combined. It sounds like it could be a potentially interesting operating system, but the question is has everyone reacted to Windows 8 the way Microsoft had intended? According to a report from Net Applications, they have compiled data from around the world and have discovered that Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system currently commands a 3.17% market share. While it might not seem like much, this is an increase from its market share in February which came in at 2.79%.

Even at those numbers, it seems that Windows 8 is currently the fourth largest operating system installed, with Windows Vista taking third at 4.99%, followed by Windows XP at 38.73%, and sitting at first place would be Windows 7 at 44.73%. Will we be seeing huger leaps in market share in the future as the operating system gains momentum? We guess we will just have to wait and see.

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