Samsung Galaxy S3 In Amethyst Purple On Sprint Arrives

purple-s3-sprintLet us assume for a while that you have always wanted to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3 for yourself, but somehow or rather, you never really got around doing so simply because the smartphone did not come in the color that you love. Well, we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is already well on its way to be released in the mass market, but for some of us who figure out that it is all right to just use a smartphone that is one “generation” behind, here is a chance for you to bring home the Samsung Galaxy S3, especially if amethyst purple is your color of choice.

Yes sir, the amethyst purple Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available over on Sprint, although only the 16GB model can be purchased, where it is sold for $99.99 a pop on contract, and this is after a $50 mail-in rebate. Not only that, Sprint also has another offer, where they will give the handset for free just in case you happen to port your number from a different carrier.

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