stinky-footboard-kickstarterDo you remember the Stinky Footboard? It might actually have done pretty well if it were to be released on April Fool’s Day, but apparently something like this deserved far more than being just a joke or a prank. In fact, the Stinky Footboard has finally made its way to the popular crowd funding site known as Kickstarter, where there are still 29 more days left to achieve the $75,000 goal.

Those who want to support the Stinky Footboard campaign are able to place a pre-order, so to speak, for the board at a discounted price. This would mean dropping at least $89, where it will feature free shipping as well for folks living in North America. Of course, you are always welcome to pledge more, and if you decide to wait for the entire thing to materialize, it will go on sale later this June for $119, hence making it a no brainer as to whether you should invest your $89 or not earlier. This is one instance where being an early adopter might actually pay off more dividends.

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