d891c3a6b6888041da784784d61a58b7_largeUnlike certain models of cars, bikes typically do not come with built-in GPS, meaning that if your bike were stolen, that would pretty much be the end of that. Now if you’re the type that spends hundreds, if not thousands of dollars modifying and customizing their bike, the last thing you’d want is to have it stolen, right? Well thanks to a Kickstarter campaign called the BikeSpike, you might be able to locate your stolen bike via a smartphone app.

The BikeSpike is basically a small and cellular connected GPS tracking that you can attach to your bicycle. The device can then be tracked via an iPhone or Android app, digitally “locking” your bike. When your bicycle is moved, you will be notified on your device from which you will be able to share its location via social media websites, or even contact the authorities. Apart from being used as a GPS tracker, the BikeSpike can also be used to keep track of where your bike has been, along with other stats such as incline and speed for those who are interested in tracking their performance.

The BikeSpike will cost you $149 for the early bird special, or if that offer is over, it will cost you $199 for the package. It is close to completing its Kickstarter funding with 35 hours to go with about $15,000 left, so head on over to pledge your donation or for the details.

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