Soon after Google I/O 2013 in which the company announced Hangouts, we reported that video calls initiated through Hangouts app while on AT&T’s data network were not going through. It seemed like as if video chats from this new app were blocked like AT&T had blocked FaceTime when it came out. The company soon released a statement after that, throwing the ball back in Google’s court, saying that it was the Mountain View company that ultimately had the switch in its hands. AT&T also said that they don’t block video chat apps that are not pre-loaded on any Android device.

Today in yet another statement, AT&T assured us that it just might rolled out across the board support for all video chat apps by the end of this year. AT&T says that throughout the second of this year, their aim is to enable pre-loaded video chat apps over cellular for all of their customers, regardless of the device or data plan that they have. As far as the Hangouts issue is concerned, Google has yet to issue a statement of their own, for now AT&T has transferred the onus to them.

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