173358-ea-sports-online-pass_headerThe used games market is certainly beneficial to gamers who are able to get some of their money back after playing through a game that they no longer wish to play again. It also helps save gamers money, especially those who don’t mind waiting for a used version to pop up instead of buying it the minute it is released. Developers and publishers on the other hand might not be such huge fans especially since used games means less revenue, and to that extent publishers such as EA has tried to find ways to make money from this with their online pass feature, a feature which basically locked titles meaning that players who buy it second hand will have to purchase a pass from EA to unlock it.

Well the good news is that EA has decided to drop the online pass feature namely because many players did not like it, and for good reason too! According to EA spokesperson, John Reseburg (via Venture Beat), many players did not respond to the format which is why the publisher has decided to forgo that feature for future EA titles. Of course the question at hand is if this method is not welcomed by players, will there be a method in the future that both gamers and developers can benefit from? What do you guys think?

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