EA’s latest Battlefield entry, Battlefield 2042, is expected to launch on the 19th of November. However, it seems that it might not launch with all of its features. According to the game’s developer DICE, they told Polygon that the game will not have voice chat available at the launch of the game.

Given how voice chat is so crucial for games like these, it seems a bit strange that DICE isn’t including it at launch. The company did not state a reason why the feature is not launching together with the game, but they did state that the feature will be coming to the game sometime after the game is released, but stopped short of saying when exactly it would be available.

With these types of online games, having voice chat is crucial if you’re trying to play team-based modes. This helps players get organized, relay information to each other, come up with strategies, and so on, so not having the feature could make the game slightly more difficult to play.

As Polygon notes, this will most likely hit gamers who play the Hazard Zone mode of the game the hardest. That being said, there are alternatives to using the in-game voice chat like Discord, but unless you’re playing with friends, it might be difficult to try and coordinate it with strangers.

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