Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a brand and a name that many gamers have known for a very, very long time, so it was a surprise (and not in a good way) when the company announced that they would be changing its name. It appears that Konami isn’t alone in rebranding classic games because it seems EA could be headed down that path as well.

In a post on its website, EA revealed that they are reviewing the naming agreement with FIFA, which means that there is a chance that future soccer games may no longer sport the FIFA branding and could be called something else entirely. However, in EA’s case, it makes sense.

This is because while Konami might have owned the PES branding, FIFA is actually the name of an international football association, which means that EA would need to pay and license the name from the organization. Dropping the FIFA branding would mean that the company will no longer need to do that, although they run the risk of alienating gamers who have enjoyed the franchise over the past decade or so.

Nothing has been set in stone yet because EA says that they are exploring the idea. It is possible that a new license with better terms could convince EA to keep the name, but it is a possibility that football gamers will have to embrace in the future.

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