gta-5-Cash and Carry by LandSpecial or collector’s edition of games are usually reserved for fans and those who actually want more than just the game, such as special exclusive items, artwork, soundtrack and etc. If you’re a huge Grand Theft Auto fan and you were thinking of getting the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5, unsurprisingly a special edition of the game is expected to be made available alongside the regular version, and thanks to a listing (since removed) on Amazon Germany, some details of its contents have been revealed.

According to the listing, the special edition of GTA 5 is expected to come with a SteelBook with the artwork of the game, a World Map, Stunt-Plane challenges, Online-Store concessions, Bonus Outfits, Bonus Tattoos, Special Abilities Booster and some Exclusive Weapons. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me! Anyone planning on getting their hands on the special edition of GTA 5 when it is released?

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