apple_intelWe’ve heard rumors on how Intel might be looking to help Apple manufacture and even help design their future chipsets, and if you thought that this was news, it might not necessarily be so. According to Intel’s ex-CEO, Paul Otellini in an interview with The Atlantic, it seems that Intel was originally approached by Apple to provide chips for the first-gen iPhone. However according to Otellini, they turned Apple down for several reasons.

One of the reasons was that because it was the first iPhone, they did not know what to expect or what the iPhone could do. Secondly Apple offered to pay Intel a certain amount to help manufacture the chip, but apparently it was way below the forecasted price and Intel could not see their costs being recouped. However since hindsight is 20-20, Otellini revealed that not only were their forecasted costs wrong, but they could not have anticipated the volume that the iPhone generates. What do you guys think? Would the iPhone be very different if Intel had been the one to manufacture Apple’s iPhone chips?

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