The modern day portable device such as smartphones and tablets are generally great devices to own – only when they have enough juice to keep them going, that is. If only someone could come up with a smartphone that has an uber long battery life without compromising on its multimedia features. Well, what are you to do when you are all out of juice, and do not have access to a power outlet or a charger? Instructables user David Johansson has come up with a DIY solution, calling it the “portable, compact and adjustable thermoelectric emergency generator” which juices up your device using a…you’ve guessed it, candle.

This DIY charger looks like a Bunsen burner that carries a heat sink on top, and when plugged into a USB cable, your smartphone should start to recharge its exhausted battery. Johansson’s DIY setup allows it to generate enough power to charge a smartphone, courtesy of a Peltier element. When used as a cooler, the Peltier effect will then transfer heat from one side of an element to another, and can also double up as a generator by heating up one side of the element to a greater temperature compared to the other. This would then result in a difference in voltage, which is known as the Seebeck effect. Yes, we’re knee deep in geek territory now. Sure, we’ve seen like minded “chargers” in the past, but this one does look as though it is one of the smallest versions around. Got any spare candles lying around?

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