When it comes to Lego’s building blocks, basically, your imagination’s the limit – not the sky, although I do admit, the amount of money that you have in your bank account too, does play a role considering how the more complicated your creations get, the more unique Lego sets that you will need to fork out money for in the first place. Well, someone has decided to use his knowledge of Lego’s NXT range and inspired to do something out of this world, has created a machine which can be controlled by an app that is available over on the Google Play Store – doing away with the need to write custom hardware, resulting in this Xbox 360 disc carousel.

The carousel will be controlled by a trio of Lego NXT bricks, which are basically the brain of a Mindstorms creation, and the Lego claws gain their movement courtesy of a pneumatics system. Individual disc slots are numbered, hence the moment the player selects the relevant slot, the rig would be smart enough to know just which one to spin to, and the claw will grab the relevant disc. It is rather slow, however, taking approximately 42 seconds to change a disc, but it sure has its own novelty factor thrown into the mix!

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