Microsoft Office logoA few months ago, Microsoft threw in their fair share of new features to their free suite of online Office Web Apps, where among them include the ability to add images that were discovered on the Internet quickly within a document. Well, fast forward to today, and we have Microsoft outlining a fair number of its future plans for upcoming Office Web Apps updates.

A post discovered on the Office blog pointed to Microsoft mentioning that one of their biggest new features that is in the pipeline at this point in time would be real time co-authoring of documents. Right now, you can have at least two people collaborating on documents in Office Web Apps simultaneously, although changes to those documents can only been viewed when the apps have been refreshed. Microsoft stated, “We’ll introduce real time co-authoring in the Office Web Apps so that all file authors will automatically see presence and edits from others as they happen without needing to refresh. This is a subtle change, but a great enhancement to enable even richer collaboration.”

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