I am quite sure that any one of you who own a mobile phone would have encountered one of those moments in your life where there was an important incoming call, but you somehow did not answer it simply because your handset was in silent mode, or you were taking a bath and could not hear the phone ringing, or it remained out of reach for one reason or another. Well, there is always voice mail to get back to the caller assuming he or she leaves on, but how about getting help in a different form? The Renny Bluetooth Home Ringer might come in handy, as it has been specially designed with patented technologies that makes sure your handset is heard, and your calls are answered.

The Renny Bluetooth Home Ringer is said to deliver unprecedented range, reaction and reliability in a single device, where it will automatically connect via Bluetooth to any mobile phone within a 200 foot line of site
range, making it the longest in its category. Should your handset be silent or muted, Renny will still pick up the call, announce the incoming caller’s name (if assigned) thanks to SilentSync technology, and virtually let anyone answer the call, thanks to the powerful loudspeaker that relies on 3D Digital Dynamic Bass technology. Not only that, it boasts of DualSync technology so that up to 2 mobile phones can be connected to it simultaneously. You can pick up the Renny Bluetooth Home Ringer for $129.95 if you are sick and tired of missing your calls, ever again.

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