recycle-botWhen you first watched the Transformers (the cartoon all those years ago), what went through your mind? Didn’t you wish that your regular ride was actually a Transformer in disguise, and he could actually help exemplify your sense of road rage to other morons who do not deserve their driving licenses (in your humble opinion anyways)? Well, sad to say that the Transformers is going to remain fiction for a very long time, as it is already hard enough finding extraterrestrial life forms around in our galaxy, what more those of a techno-organic nature.

Chinese inventor Tao Xiangli, however, prefers to let his imagination and hands do the talking, resulting in this hand-made robot that you see above. The 37 year old Tao actually spent approximately $24,400 (after conversion) of his own money to construct this neat looking robot using nothing but recycled scrap metal and electric wires which were picked up from second hand markets. This labor of love took a year to complete, where it now stands proud at 7 feet in height, tipping the scales at approximately 250kg. Don’t you wish it moved when you were not looking?

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