Almost a week ago we reported on a study conducted by Texas Transportation Institute which claimed that voice-to-text activities can be as dangerous as texting while driving. Sending text messages while driving a car is without a doubt one of the most dangerous things a person can do inside a moving vehicle, not only is it distracting, it is one of the main causes of road accidents. One would think that using voice assistants such as Siri would be less distracting, but the Institute puts them in the same basket as texting while driving.

He doesn’t think that there’s any evidence which suggests that using Siri or other voice assistants properly in “eyes-free mode” makes them just as risky as texting behind the wheel. Using Siri through a Bluetooth headset or speaker implements its voice only interactions limit, as the software assumes the user’s eyes are busy and it responds accordingly. Despite having left Apple last year, Adam feverishly favors Siri, saying that calling it just as risky as texting while driving is misleading. He further adds that researchers did not fully test the software’s voice to text capabilities which allow the user to interact with their iPhone without even having to look at it.

Even if you think that Adam is merely taking a stand for something that he helped create, there’s absolutely no questioning the fact that while driving, your attention should completely be on the road to ensure your, as well as the safety of others.

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