ps4While Sony has officially unveiled the PlayStation 4, and Microsoft has yet to unveil the next-gen Xbox, we’re sure apart from their specs, the next most important question on the minds of many gamers is when will these consoles be released, and how much will they cost? At the moment there is no official word from either Sony or Microsoft, and the pricing and availability have been left to rumors and speculation. However the good news is that it seems that E3 will be the platform that both Microsoft and Sony will use to announce the pricing and availability of their next-gen consoles.

This comes from analyst Michael Pachter who believes that the pricing and release dates will be revealed then. We’re not sure if this is an actual confirmation or if Pachter is simply basing this on his personal opinions. Pachter goes on to claim that E3 will be one of the most important times for Sony and Microsoft, and that Sony was smart to announce the PS4 back in February because as we can see, there is still a lot of talk and buzz surrounding the PS4 even a few months down the line. Either way we won’t take this as the truth, but to have additional details shared during E3 would not be a stretch of the imagination either.

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