We talked about the Stinky Footboard in the past, where it could very well be one of the far more unique gaming accessories that the world would come across in its time. The Stinky Footboard did manage to make its way across as a Kickstarter project, and we are pleased to report that this project has proved to be a success, having raised $79,562 in the process. It is tipped that the Stinky Footboard will begin to ship to those who have placed their faith in it during the Kickstarter campaign sometime this June, and if you missed out on it then and want one for yourself, it will cost you $119 a pop.

The whole idea of the Stinky Footboard is to offer players the opportunity to use their feet in order to supplement their hands on the mouse and keyboard whenever one is involved in some hardcore gaming sessions. It is hoped that through this, gamers will always be in control, and can execute lightning quick, simultaneous commands while ensuring that their fingers remain on the WASD and mouse at all times.

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