07d75ae80d5e29cadf4cfa447a418d3c_largeVideo games tend to be met with a lot of misconceptions, from parents, to the government, to teachers and society in general, which is why we guess it is important to make sure that society is educated about video games and that games are more than just blood, sex, and senseless violence, which seems to be the general idea that many people have. This is why a group of people have gathered together and launched the Video Games: The Movie Kickstarter campaign which aims to educate the public on videos games beyond the game itself.

According to its Kickstarter page, the movie has been described to be “a feature length documentary which aims to tell the untold story of video games by an in depth look into not only how games are made, marketed and consumed by looking back at the industry’s history, current trends as well as the evolution of gamer culture.” At the moment the pre-production and production aspects of the movie have been completed, but it is the post-production aspect that the team requires funding with, hence the Kickstarter campaign. This is not the first documentary on video games and it will certainly not be the last, but if you feel that you’re a misunderstood gamer and would like to help educate your friends and family, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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