youtubeEarlier this year we reported that it was possible that YouTube could be considering launching a paid subscription service. This was apparently revealed in an interview in which a Google spokesperson mentioned that they were looking into subscriptions in which content creators on YouTube could benefit from. While that is an interesting idea, we guess the question is when will such a service be launched? According to a report on the Financial Times, they are claiming that YouTube’s alleged subscription service could be launching as early as this week!

They claim that around 50 YouTube channels are expected to be on board with this new subscription service from the get-go and subscription fees could begin as low as $1.99 a month, which we guess is a pretty reasonable fee. Google has since responded in which they claim they have nothing to announce, but did reiterate that the subscription service is one they are looking into. In any case make what you will of this, but what do you guys think of a subscription-based YouTube?

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